318px|right|The glitch performed in Space StuntsGet out of Stunt Arenas is a glitch in Crash Tag Team Racing to get out of one of the two Stunt Arenas in the game.

How to do itEdit

  1. Enable the High Speed Cheat Code
  2. Go in Story Mode and go into either Hardly Ever Land or Space Stunts
  3. Put the speed at Insane
  4. Choose a light Character, such as Nina's Organ Grinder
  5. Get Turbo Boosters in the Stunt Arena
  6. Back up all the way into a wall and drive onto the ramp to get full speed
  7. When close to one of the invisible Barriers, point upwards towards the sky and activate the boosters, which will make the player go even higher, and the player can go over the barriers, or the boosters can be used to get further

This glitch will make the player infinitely fall down the pit and they can only exit or run out of time. There are also messed-up camera angles in Hardly Ever Land when time is out; it will show the front of the car still falling then it will show the car fall down the pit leaving the camera.